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Charles Farrell Overview:

Actor, Charles Farrell, was born on Aug 9, 1900 in Onset Bay, MA. Farrell died at the age of 89 on May 6, 1990 in Palm Springs, CA and was laid to rest in Welwood Murray Cemetery in Palm Springs, Riverside County, CA.



He was honored with two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the categories of Television and Motion Pictures.

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Charles Farrell Quotes:

Peter Piper: See you consequently!

Samuel G. Henshaw: Did you or did you not tell this child that I was responsible for the slump? And that I was responsible for business going to the dogs, for your troubles, my troubles, everyone's troubles? Including the blessed fact that you have to go away somewhere for two years!
Jeff Hale: Certainly not!
Penny Hale: Why, Daddy, didn't you say that when Uncle Sam got in trouble, the people got scared, and when the people got scared, business got bad, and when business got bad, there was a slump, and when that happened, nobody built any buildings?
Jeff Hale: Yes, but -
Penny Hale: Didn't you say that everyone ought to get together and help Uncle Sam instead of pulling on him?
Jeff Hale: Yes, dear, but let's get back to Mr. Henshaw here.
Penny Hale: But I am back to him. He's Uncle Sam, isn't he?
Jeff Hale: Him?
Samuel G. Henshaw: Me?
Samuel G. Henshaw, Jeff Hale: Uncle Sam?

Peter Piper: What's the matter?
Sidney Taylor: Well, that blonde never misses a chance. I suppose she thinks you're pretty hot stuff.
Peter Piper: She's right, isn't she? Ain't I known as Pete the It Man? Why, I have a way of exciting women so much that they lie down and beg me to walk over them. I'm the guy that put the "it" in "idiot." Listen, kid. There isn't anybody within a thousand miles of you. If she were platinum from head to toe, and her father was Rockefeller and her mother was the queen of Romania, she'd still be a headache to me.

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Charles Farrell Facts
Television allowed Farrel to stage a successful comeback, which culminated in "The Charles Farrell Show" (1956) (1956-1960). After the show's cancellation, Farrell retired to the desert.

Not to be confused with the Irish-born character actor in UK films Charles Farrell.

Owner and proprietor of Charlie Farrell's Racquet Club in Palm Springs, California.

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