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Carleton Carpenter Overview:

Actor, Carleton Carpenter, was born on Jul 10, 1926 in Bennington, VT. As of December 2018, Carleton Carpenter was 92 years old.



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Carleton Carpenter Quotes:

Pvt. Floyd Hilston, Company J: I need to find a new home for my pet lion.

[first lines]
Hewie: I got a story to tell - a yarn about cow country, cow punchers and men. I was workin' for the Strobie Ranch, a trade of worn leather and saddle blisters and brandin' irons. A trade with some song, some fun and some luck. It was as good a job as a man could ask for. Lonely sometimes and cold - so much distance you'd have thought you'd never get back - but for me, a young kid, it was a fine time. Memories are mostly good. You're up on top of the world where the air is clean and thin - the only sound is the wind in the pines.

Pvt. Floyd Hilston, Company J: He doesn't know he's a lion, he's my friend.

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Carleton Carpenter Fact
Was originally cast for a supporting role in the Elvis Presley picture G.I. Blues (1960) but Robert Ivers replaced him.

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