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Job Actor
Years active 1929 - 1949 (stage) * 1940 - 1966 (film)
Top Roles Oscar Hubbard, Father Cornelius, Lt. Gen. J. Connors, Claude Williams, Park Benjamin
Top GenresDrama, Western, Romance, Action, War, Film Adaptation
Top TopicsBook-Based, Korean War, Based on Play
Top Collaborators (Producer), (Director), , (Producer)
Shares birthday with Millard Mitchell, Vernon Dobtcheff, Alice Ghostley  see more..

Carl Benton Reid Overview:

Character actor, Carl Benton Reid, was born on Aug 14, 1893 in Lansing, MI. Benton Reid died at the age of 79 on Mar 16, 1973 in Hollywood, CA .



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Carl Benton Reid Quotes:

President Andrew Jackson: Sam, some people have destiny sitting right on their backs of their necks. You're one of 'em. You're a born leader. When you talk, people listen because you love 'em. You'll fight for 'em and you'll die for 'em if you have to... and they know it.

Col. Janeway: Mr. O'Hirons! Mr. O'Hirons! Regulations stipulate $10 a month additional for command functions. When we reach the Paradise, notify the paymaster that Captain MacClaw has commanded with distinction. The government owes him $3.30.

Boris Stepanich Simonov, truck driver: Comrades, we have good reasons to know our country is at war. In our small village alone, 30 people have been injured. Eleven people have been killed. But his is not a time for mourning - it is time for revenge. We will divide into two groups, each to do his duty from this day until death. The able-bodied men are to come forward to the right of this building. We will move from our village to the hills to take our position as guerrillas. I will go immediate to comrade Commander Petrov's garrison to get the guns. The second group has the hardest job. They must stay behind. As guerrillas, we must have aid and information. As villagers you must, before the entrance of the Germans, destroy everything. Everything, comrades! The houses you have built, the crops you have sown with your hands, the cattle you have raised. The Germans are not more than fifty miles away. Yours is the dangerous job. For this job you will volunteer. It is you who may have to live with the... the Germans.

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Carl Benton Reid Facts
Stern, mustachioed American character actor who mostly played well-dressed heavies in the 40s and 50s.

He repeated his 1939 stage role of Oscar Hubbard in the original Broadway production of "The Little Foxes" when the 1941 film was made.

Graduated from the drama department at Carnegie Tech.

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