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Buddy Hackett Overview:

Character actor, Buddy Hackett, was born Leonard Hacker on Aug 31, 1924 in Brooklyn, NY. Hackett died at the age of 78 on Jun 30, 2003 in Los Angeles, CA .



He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Live Performance. On 2003, Hackett received the Disney Legends Award for living up to the Disney principals of imagination, skill, discipline, craftsmanship and magic.

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Buddy Hackett Quotes:

S.Z. Matts: [Seeing kids dancing] You know if there was no music here this place would be raided.

[Thorndyke's car nudged Herbie so that one of its wheels comes off]
Tennessee Steinmetz: [seeing wheel] Hey! Where'd that wheel come from?

Benjy Benjamin: [while Benji tries to fly the plane, Ding tries putting head phones on Benji's head] Hey, get outta here.
Ding Bell: Put them on.
Benjy Benjamin: I don't wanna.
Ding Bell: Benji, I tell you, he said the man who's flying should be talking on this thing.
Benjy Benjamin: What, am I supposed to everything? You want me to fly the airplane, you want me to work the radio, what are you gonna... What are you, the hostess?

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Buddy Hackett Facts
Although his on-stage humor was not nearly as raw, in retrospect, as many of the young comedians who would succeed him, his frequently ribald performances in nightclubs and in concert came as something of a shock to those who had enjoyed his "cleaned-up" (at the behest of the censors) performances on TV and in films.

According to his commentary on "The Love Bug", he was offered $2000 a week to replace Curly of The Three Stooges. He refused.

In 1953, gossip columns reported that Universal Pictures wanted to team Buddy Hackett with his friend, popular baritone Alan Dale, as their studio's answer to Paramount's box office sensations, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Nothing came of the idea because Dale preferred to remain a solo act. Hackett, however, did appear in Universal's Walking My Baby Back Home (1953) later that year.

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