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Actor, Billy Halop, was born William Halop on Feb 11, 1920 in New York City, NY. Halop died at the age of 56 on Nov 9, 1976 in Brentwood, CA .



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Billy Halop Quotes:

Tommy: We want what's coming to us, three squares a day and a place to sleep. We have that coming to us. We're Americans.

Tony Marco: He keeps us in the cool room.
Jim Donohue: Cool room?
Tony Marco: That's what they call the big freezer.

Soapy: [reading from the newspaper] "At the fatal stroke of eleven p.m. Rocky was led through the little green door of death. No sooner had he entered the death chamber, than he tore himself from the guard's grasp, flung himself on the floor, screaming for mercy. And as they dragged him to the electric chair, he clawed wildly at the floor with agonised shrieks. In contrast to his former heroics, Rocky Sullivan died a coward".

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Billy Halop Facts
He became a registered nurse (RN) at St. John's Hospital in Malibu, California.

He was working on his autobiography, titled There's No Dead End, at the time of his death.

His wife, Suzanne Roe, was a multiple sclerosis victim when he married her in 1960. The nursing skills he learned while taking care of his wife led him to steady work as a registered nurse at St. John's Hospital in Malibu.

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