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Bernie Hamilton Overview:

Actor, Bernie Hamilton, was born Bernard Hamilton on Jun 12, 1928 in Los Angeles, CA. Hamilton died at the age of 80 on Dec 30, 2008 in Los Angeles, CA .



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Bernie Hamilton Quotes:

Lt. j.g. Kenneth M. Braden: How come they call you Weary?
Weary: That's my name.
Lt. j.g. Kenneth M. Braden: Nickname?
Weary: No, sir, my real name. I'm the youngest of 13 children. I guess when I was born, my mother couldn't think of another name.

Father Joseph Perreau: God go with you.
Harry: God? Who is he?
Charlie: I've never heard of him.

Charlie: I was a pretty good thief in my time.
Father Matthew Doonan: I believe that.
Charlie: It's too late. Can't you get out now?
Father Matthew Doonan: It's never too late to change.
Charlie: My mother, that's what she used to say, "It's never too late."
Father Matthew Doonan: She was right.
Charlie: She kept after me - kept tellin' me - there was another thief once dyin' on the cross right next to Christ.
Father Matthew Doonan: The Good Thief.
Charlie: That's what she called him.
Father Matthew Doonan: He didn't chicken out. He just got smart and at the very last moment, he stole Heaven.
Charlie: That's pretty good stealin', huh?

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Bernie Hamilton Facts
Initially a white actor was cast to play Captain Harold Dobey on "Starsky and Hutch" (1975). Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg, however, remembered Bernie, who had already played a police captain in a previous Spelling-Goldberg TV show, and thought he'd provided the right chemistry and balance. Since they already had film on him, Bernie didn't need a screen test and secured the part.

Had five brothers and one sister and was raised in East Los Angeles. Two brothers survived him, Chico and Don.

Brother of Chico Hamilton.

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