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Actor, Arthur Wontner, was born on Jan 21, 1875 in London, England. Wontner died at the age of 85 on Jul 10, 1960 in London, England .



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Silver Blaze (1937) / Murder at the Baskervilles (1941) with

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Share This! “We’re old friends. I should hate to see you make such an ass of yourself as wrongfully to arrest the future son-in-law of Sir Henry Baskerville.” – Sherlock Holmes to Inspector Lestrade Shockingly to some, there were highly regarded actors who portrayed Sherlock ... Read full article

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Det. Insp. Atherly Jones: What I always says is, Mr. Holmes: an ounce of practice is worth a tonne of theory.
Sherlock Holmes: Yes, yes. I've heard you say it.

Sherlock Holmes: An amateur investigator like myself can't have too many facts of a case to work on.

Det. Insp. Atherly Jones: I want to know where the pearls are.
Dr. John H. Watson: Yes, where are they?
Mary Morstan: Small's taken them.
Dr. John H. Watson: Then they are at the bottom of the river where we can find them... so now you'll be so terribly rich, I can't even claim you as a friend, much less ask you...
Mary Morstan: What?
Sherlock Holmes: Sorry the jewels are so distasteful to you, Ms. Marston, but I have the pearls. I took them from Jonathan Small when we first came to grips. I didn't want them to get wet, so I'm afraid you'll have to have them back
Dr. John H. Watson: Amazing!
Sherlock Holmes: Elementary, my dear Watson, elementary.

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Arthur Wontner Facts
He was born 'Arthur Wontner Smith', but assumed the stage name 'Arthur Wontner' when he made his first appearance on stage at the age of 22 in 1897 (the year of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee). He changed his name legally by deed poll in 1909 (along with his eldest daughter Helen Mary).

He was created a 'Knight of the Crown of Italy' by the King of Italy in 1932 for his part in Mussolini's play 'Napoleon'. John Drinkwater's English adaptation was produced in London in 1936 and Arthur loaned Alfred Cope's portrait of himself playing Joseph Fouche in the play, to hang in the Garrick Club (for actors) in Covent Garden, London.

His oldest son, Hugh, went on to become Lord Mayor of London in 1973. His great grandson Tom Wontner is now also an actor and recently starred in My Yacht (2006).

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