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Arthur Hunnicutt Overview:

Actor, Arthur Hunnicutt, was born Arthur Lee Hunnicutt on Feb 17, 1910 in Gravelly, AR. Hunnicutt died at the age of 69 on Sep 26, 1979 in Woodland Hills, CA .



Although Hunnicutt was nominated for one Oscar, he never won a competitive Academy Award.

Academy Awards

YearAwardFilm nameRoleResult
1952Best Supporting ActorThe Big Sky (1952)Zeb CallawayNominated

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Arthur Hunnicutt Quotes:

Boone Cardell: Why did she want to grab this?
Zeb Calloway: That's a Blackfoot scalp you got, and she knows it. Ain't you ever thought of why an injun takes a scalp?
Jim Deakins: Why?
Zeb Calloway: To shame an enemy. The way she figures it, there's a Blackfoot brave somewhere who can't show his face to the hereafter until that thing is buried under the ground.

Rusty Davis: [Meeting Wes for the first time] You're new, ain't ya'?
Wes Merritt: Yeah.
Rusty Davis: Got two bits?
Wes Merritt: Sure.
Rusty Davis: Gimme'.
Rusty Davis: [Takes his money, then turns to Booker] Okay, let him have a look.
Booker Davis: [Pulls up his pant leg, revealing his scarred and mangled right leg] You ever see anything like that before?
Wes Merritt: [Slightly shocked] Sure is the worst lookin' leg *I've* ever seen.
Booker Davis: Twenty years rodeoin' done that. Leg busted nine times, kneecap five, and the ankle four.
Jeff McCloud: Booker's got just about the most busted leg in the world.
Booker Davis: Nobody'll ever beat it unless they jump off one of them New York skyscrapers.
Rusty Davis: Last time Booker broke it, doctors wanted to cut it off.
Booker Davis: It was up in Denver.
Rusty Davis: He got right off the operating table, got some crutches and headed for New Mexico in our pickup truck.
Booker Davis: That night a big blizzard come up and I had to pull into one of them there motels. Had no sooner got in bed than my leg started hurtin' - got to hurtin' pretty bad. Finally I got up and pushed my bed over to the window and opened it and stuck my leg out. Pretty soon the leg froze up and the pain went away. Next mornin' I got up and thawed it out in front of a stove, drove on to Santa Fe. I won four firsts that day!

Boone Cardell: What's the noise about?
Zeb Calloway: They're (Indians) celebrating your wedding.
Boone Cardell: Wedding?
Zeb Calloway: You maybe don't know it, but you're a married man now.
Boone Cardell: Married? And I don't got nothing to say about it?
Zeb Calloway: Wouldn't do you no good to say it.

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