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Anthony Newley Overview:

Actor, Anthony Newley, was born George Anthony Newley on Sep 24, 1931 in Hackney, London. Newley died at the age of 67 on Apr 14, 1999 in Jensen Beach, FL .



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Anthony Newley Quotes:

Matthew: [after breaking the Doctor out of prison and escaping by ship] If you ask me, bein' at sea is very much the same as bein' in prison, except at sea ya stand a better chance of drownin'.

Matthew: [after the shipwreck when they are locked up on the floating island] You know, bein' is prison is much the same as being on a boat. Except in prison there's less chance of drowning.

Dr. Dolittle: Oh it's from Long Arrow.
Matthew: Who's he when he's at home?
Dr. Dolittle: An old friend of mine. He's a Red Indian gentleman.
Matthew: With a name like "Long Arrow" I didn't think he'd be Irish.

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Anthony Newley Facts
Donated his papers to the Boston University (MA) Library Special Collections Department.

Was taught to ice skate by Paul Newman.

Was nominated for six Tony Awards: four in 1963 for "Stop the World -- I Want to Get Off," as Best Actor (Musical), and, with Leslie Bricusse, as Best Author (Musical), Best Composer and Lyricist, and for book, music and lyrics of Best Musical nomination; and two in 1965 for "The Roar of the Greasepaint - The Smell of the Crowd," as Best Director (Musical), and, again with Leslie Bricusse, as Best Composer and Lyricist. He did not win any of these awards.

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