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Actor, Alec McCowen, was born Alexander Duncan McCowen on May 26, 1925 in Tunbridge Wells, England. As of December 2019, Alec McCowen was 94 years old.



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Alec McCowen Quotes:

Brown, House Master: How do we tackle the basic aggression which these lads obviously feel?
Ruxton Towers Reformatory governor: By channelling it in the right direction.
Brown, House Master: I was just wondering whether life wasn't a little more complicated than a football match.

Wireless Operator Harold Thomas Cottam: [bursts into Captain Rostron's cabin] Sir! SIR!
Capt. Arthur Rostron: [waking up with a start] What the devil's going...?
Capt. Arthur Rostron: [rolls over and sees Cottam]
Capt. Arthur Rostron: [annoyed] Haven't you learned to *knock* before coming in here?
Wireless Operator Harold Thomas Cottam: It's a distress call, sir! From the Titanic. She's *sinking*!
Capt. Arthur Rostron: [gives Rostron the paper with the distress message]
Officer: [comes into cabin to apologize for the intrusion] I'm sorry sir, I...
Capt. Arthur Rostron: [reads message and gives Cottam a long look] Mister Dean, turn the ship 'round. Head northwest. I'll work a course out for you in a minute.
Officer: Aye, aye sir.
Officer: [rushes away to carry out the orders]
Capt. Arthur Rostron: [gets out of bed] Now, Cottam, you're sure this is the *Titanic*?
Wireless Operator Harold Thomas Cottam: Yes sir.
Capt. Arthur Rostron: You're certain?
Wireless Operator Harold Thomas Cottam: Absolutely.
Capt. Arthur Rostron: All right. Check back. Find out *everything* you can. Tell them we're coming as *fast* as *possible*!
Wireless Operator Harold Thomas Cottam: Yes sir!
Wireless Operator Harold Thomas Cottam: [rushes back to his wireless equipment as Rostron goes to get dressed]

Brown, House Master: They certainly drive themselves hard on the playing fields.
Ruxton Towers Reformatory governor: They're high-spirited Mr Brown.
Brown, House Master: If they weren't, they wouldn't be here.

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Alec McCowen Facts
Famous for his one-man stage show in which he recited the whole of St. Mark's Gospel.

Also author of books about acting.

He was awarded the 1982 London Evening Standard Theatre Award for Best Actor for his performance in The Portage of San Cristobal of AH.

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