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Adolfo Celi Overview:

Character actor, Adolfo Celi, was born on Jul 27, 1922 in Messina, Italy. Celi died at the age of 63 on Feb 19, 1986 in Siena, Italy .



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Adolfo Celi Quotes:

[Addressing Pete Aron at the Ferrari factory]
Agostini Manetta: What means far more to me than anything else is: our good name! Our reputation represents desire for perfection of the highest quality. I gamble that reputation gladly, because I have *absolute* faith in every car that leaves this factory. But I will not risk it on a driver in whom I cannot have an equal faith. There are fewer than thirty men in the world qualified to drive Formula One; a mere half-dozen, perhaps, to win. At this moment, I am inclined to think you are not one of them.

Merle McGill: I guess it must be hard for you to understand, Inspector, a man like me and Cecil Fox.
Inspector Rizzi: Not hard at all.
Merle McGill: But how can I say it, Inspector... He was my first... man. Somehow you just never forget your first man.
Inspector Rizzi: I remember mine - vividly.
[Merle throws him a curious glance]
Inspector Rizzi: He also got away.

Diabolik: [as he and the bad guy freefall from a plane that has suddenly exploded] I almost forgot. When I stumbled, I attached a magnetic capsule to your plane.
Ralph Valmont: Who cares? Pull the cord!

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Adolfo Celi Facts
His voice was dubbed by another actor in most of his movies throughout his career, even in his native Italy, to hide his distinctive Sicillian accent. Despite speaking fluent English, Spanish, French, Portugues, and German in addition to his native Italian, his voice was often dubbed by another actor in both Italian language and foreign language movie productions.

Father of director Leonardo Celi and actress Alessandra Celi.

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